Professional Changes

I have some news to share that you can see in the news post from SUNY Binghamton. In the Fall of 2021 I will become the George J. Klir Professor of Systems Science at Binghamton University (State University of New York). This was an offer I could not refuse and a tremendous honor to inaugurate a position named after my PhD advisor. Not only do I greatly admire his work, but, as most of you know, am absolutely committed to complex systems thinking and its interdisciplinary agenda. I am very excited to continue on that path at Binghamton, innovating with new flavors in this ever changing field. I always like to move to where I feel an exciting positive gradient for fruitful interdisciplinary possibilities, and Binghamton and the now Watson College of Engineering has that vibe at this moment in time. I decided to stay at Indiana University until the the summer of 2021 because of all the active projects that I started there and remain fully committed to — -chiefly the Complex Networks and Systems NSF-funded training program, and the Center for Social and Biomedical Complexity with Johan Bollen. I look forward to continuing collaborating on those and other endeavors.